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Instrument and Research Technology Center(IRC)
The missions of the Instrument and Research Technology Center are
(1) Planning of large-sized instruments for research and education in Nagoya Institute of Technology.
(2) Management of large-sized instruments and promotion of use not only in this campus but also in community.
(3) Research and development on instrumental analysis.
The staffs carry out (1) researches for advanced instrumental analyses and (2) support of educations and researches in campus and/or industry. The staffs also provide scientific and technical counseling for instrumental analyses.


  • 1965 (April).
    Committee for Promotion of Science was organized.

  • 1987 (May).
    Instrument and Analysis Center was established.

  • 1992 (March).
    New building of the center was completed. (1,089 m2 area, 3 floors)

  • 2004 (April).
    Instrument and Analysis Center was reorganized
    to Advanced Instrument and Analysis Division.

  • 2007 (April).
    Advanced Instrument and Analysis Division was reorganized
    to Instrument and Research Technology Center.


Organization figure


Name Extension
Director of Center ERYU, Osamu 5447
Deputy Director of Center HIHARA, Takehiko 5298
Deputy Director of Center NAGATA, Kenji 5257
Associate Professor YASUI, Takashi 5248
Assistant Professor MORITANI, Tomokazu 5310
Lecturer (Temporary) SAKAKIBARA, Shunsaku 5862
Technician ISHIKAWA, Takanao 5387
Technician ISHIHARA, Masahiro 0572-24-8117
Technician IWASAKA, Ayako 5655
Technician KANEKURA, Kumiko 7309
Technician MATSUBARA, Takashi 7250
Technician MINAMIGUCHI, Yasuhiko 5534
Technician MORIGUCHI, Yukihisa 5581
Technician NUNOKAWA, Keiko 5166
Technician OONISHI, Akiko 5233
Technician SETO, Shizuka 5655
Technician TAKEI, Miyuki 7993
Technician TAKI, Masato 5387
Technician TAMAOKA, Satoshi 5655
Technician TANIYAMA, Yachiyo 5209
Technician TSUKADA, Kiwamu 5387
Technician YAMAMOTO, Kaori 5229
Technician YAMAZAKI, Yoko 5655
Technical Assistant DATE, Remi 5533
Research Assistant HORIBA, Masayuki 5663
Assistant Office Worker OTA, Yuki 5533
as of 20 May,2016

Personnel Distribution

Personnel Distribution

Floor Guides

Floor Guides

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